Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Contest Revisited: Coco de Mer

A couple of years ago we ran a contest offering free flowers for the cheekiest Valentine's sentiment. This year we couldn't help but notice that Coco de Mer is continuing our great idea. We thought we'd take this opportunity to A.) introduce you to (or remind you of) one of our favorite skivvies stockists where you can get little ditties like this one that I'm longing for with the hotsy totsy zipper in the back (hint, hint) and B.) reinspire you for this Valentine's Day with the greatness that was received by a lucky one of our clients from her beau:

Tied up in knots
a bite on the shoulder
i tugged at her hair
e’re my heart ‘gan to smoulder

‘twixt sheets, silken black
lo! - a spank on the bum!
nervous.. am i naughty?
mayhaps too tame?
mayhaps ho-hum!!

then, a crash!$%
my friends,
- a cloud of smoke! -
i hung from the ceiling
to gravity’s heavy yoke

and in this moment she approacheth
e’re my moment of despair
kisses to my forehead
gentle strokes to my hair

she cackled with delight
bit hard on my lip.
candles and oils…
- hey-o! what’s with the whip? -

t’would kiss her
would i could
like a great prince of yore
be kama to her sutra
make her cry out “more! more!”

my situation you see, was desperate but not dire
distance it seemed, sparked my heart’s russian fire

and so, i waited,
bound but still brave
to plot Act II
self cast
as Handsome Knave

So it will go,
through months and years
the drama will unfold
many climaxes - few tears

and as I gaze to the West
I wait for a sign.
for the curtain to rise,
‘tween me and
my heart’s rowdy Valentine. 

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