Friday, December 19, 2008

Congratulations to our web design heroes, EightHourDay, who just finished their new website and identity, which is, of course, a triumph. We still are completely enamored with our new Bastian+Skoog site, and they seem to like it, too, as they are featuring it on their selected works page. There really aren't enough good things to say about EightHourDay -- incredible designwork, eternal patience and hand holding, and they're really, really nice kids. Check out their site to be humbled by their coolness.

It's such a shame you're a boy...

A little ditty to remind you ladies of equal opportunity...

Irresistible: SooVAC's holiday sale event

If you're anything like me, you are still in denial that Christmas is around the corner. Mercifully, Soo Visual Arts Center is here to the rescue with Irresistible, offering fabulous one of a kind art and crafts (without having to go to a mall) by the likes of local gems such as Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis. Irresistible runs from December 17th through the 24th, with a special sales event on Saturday December 20th which will feature our very own Lindsey Borgerson. Her wares will include these sexy maze puzzles packed up in petite little boxes lined with flocked paper -- a perfect stocking stuffer (yes, Dave and Kern, you will be getting them, so act surprised!). If you haven't yet seen her amazing mazes, check out her blog, maze of the day, for your daily fix. And buy a puzzle or a foxy screenprinted t-shirt, print, or roaring fire dvd (approved for asthma sufferers). Skip the mall, support local artists, give an interesting hand-made gift, will ya?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Style Me Pretty Blog Appearance

We were pleased (okay, thrilled) to find that one of our images was used recently on Style Me Pretty's new Little Black Book blog. We were fortunate to be asked to be in their Little Black Book, a handpicked directory of an elite group of wedding vendors. The wedding obsessed among you, of course already know about this resource, but in case you are just starting on your wedding planning -- do not pass go, Style Me Pretty is a bottomless pit of brilliant wedding ideas and life styling ideas.

What? You're dreaming of a BROWN Christmas?

Okay. If you insist...

The super foxy Dowling Studio

Attended (and did the flowers for) a holiday party in the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater on Saturday. Wow. Fabulous. Gorgeous. Perfect. A totally dramatic and flexible space with black walls, black floors, black linens, disappearing walls, amazing city views and INCREDIBLE lighting. This is simply the hottest space we've seen in a long time. Hot boys not included (big thanks to our unwilling models, Homme and Dave).

Oh, and did I mention the food? How I love thee, Cue.

Christmas has landed at St. Olaf

We came, we saw, we conquered (the trees at St. Olaf, that is). This year we went for a retro aqua and red combo -- lots of foil, lots of flocking, lots of saturated color. For those of you spying on us with the Hi Mom cam, here is a front-view of the trees, per your requests.

Sea Salt: fresh spot for a wedding

One of the most unexpected and wonderful weddings of our season this year was that of Lisa Lynch and Tom Pinney. We'd never worked at Sea Salt by Minnehaha Falls, an unorthodox spot for nuptials, but it cleaned up real nice and made for a terrifically relaxed and festive reception. A knockout bride in a $12 dress (!!! Thank you, J. Crew), the most darling flowergirl ever (Hi Lark!), and a perfect day made this wedding truly eyecandy. Thank you to Stephanie Colgan for the fabulous images!