Thursday, June 12, 2008

Climbable, rollable, jumpable, and whackable

One of our brides, Maura Rockcastle, was just in town with fellow designer, Regan Golden-McNerney, to create a piece for the Walker Art Center's Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini Golf. Their installation, entitled Growholes, is described as "climbable, rollable, jumpable, and whackable. Made from scrap tires, this durable recycled rubber topography will playfully engage your body and your ball."  Sounds like fun...

By the seat of our pants

The new MN Bride ad deadline snuck up on us while we were busy finishing up our new website. Nonetheless, we squeezed in a moment to whip something up. It's a new era for us -- we're finally through our poppy "Target" phase, and have moved on to something do you say...evening. You'll find us on page 1 of the new issue, out in July.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Knot did a feature in their mag and website of the wedding of one of our all time favorite brides, Jenny-exclamation-point (initially given the nickname due to her prolific use of punctuation, to distinguish her in a summer ripe with Jennys).  As we later came to know her and be charmed by her warmth and enthusiasm, we were impressed by how well deserved her nickname was. Jenny and Jon's wedding was shamelessly pink and polka dotted (down to the single serving cargo lipglosses in the ladies' lounge) and refreshingly fun and relaxed.

Best of the Twin Cities

Smack in between best tattoo parlor and best place to buy a snake, we were proud to find Bastian+Skoog named best florist 2007 by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine.  Here's the full writeup, along with Heidi's legendary profile shot (thanks to Danny Seipp for that one...)

Shout out for the shout out

Big thanks to our foxy and crafty friend Todd Pinzuti of Bungalow 6 Design who sung our praises in the May issue of Metro Magazine. Bonus points for using both the words "smart" and "clever" to describe our work.  And a tip of the hat to rau+barber -- check out that lighting!

Check it out

We just designed flowers for a benefit and silent auction for our neighbors at the h-o-t hot Midway Contemporary Art gallery.  Laura Salyards Fryberger of Flings Event Design gave us free reign to whip up some artful arrangements for them.  She mentioned that they were using orange plastic snow fencing as part of their decor, which struck us as brilliantly unorthodox and felt like an obvious "design challenge".  It turned out to be very well behaved (and very well received).  Go there, buy art, check out their library.


A girl and her mom popped in late on a Friday afternoon.  She had been told that Bachman's order deadline had passed, and she was desperate for a boutonniere for her prom date.  We stuck our head in our cooler and pulled out a rose and said "how about a white rose?" to which she replied, "that's exactly what I was hoping for."  We whipped something up while we chatted with them about her plans and reminisced about our own past formals.   When her mom asked what they owed us, we both made faces and said simultaneously, "Oh, nothin'."  The following week, a car pulled up and out popped our girl, cupcakes in hand.  What a lovely treat, and such a sweet surprise.  The cupcakes were from Yum! Kitchen and Bakery.  We can't say enough good things about them, or for that matter, how much we love the good people in our neighborhood.

Wine and roses (and foxy cheese shop employees)

Love our flowers but haven't got time for face time with the girls? Too embarrassed to hit us up for last minute flowers, again? Swing by the cheese shop at Surdyk's where we have just begun to sell hand tied bouquets (as modeled by Josh Syx, resident rock star, in his Monday hat.) With crazy-friendly price points and all wrapped up in BS finery, they make the perfect hostess (or "I've been an ass") gift. And if you haven't heard, Surdyk's is a stellar place to hook up with like minded foodies.