Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7th Annual B+S Halloween Extravaganza

Believe it or not, our skeleton Paige was the ONLY one who came to our party as Sarah Palin (note, this was a post party shot and she had lost her six pack by this point...).
As always, but perhaps more than usual, we had a rockin' good time. The (already blood red) studio was dressed to the nines, complete with the Terrarium of Terror (we are florists, after all). The cooler was tricked out (and apparently there were some "tricks" going on in the cooler) to serve as our walk-in bar. DJ Jake Rudh was upstairs spinnin' our guilty pleasures. Sheela from Miel y Leche made us amazing cupcakes (with sugar skulls, no less). And lots and lots of kissing was going on in the photobooth. If you want to see it in all of its glory, here are the links:
Halloween 2008, More Halloween 2008, Even More Halloween 2008, OMG There's MORE Halloween 2008, Intoxication Setting In: Halloween 2008, Wrappin Up Halloween 2008.

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