Wednesday, July 16, 2008

StylePoints and Baby's Breath

After blowing in here yesterday in her covetable Sigerson Morrison sandals to interview us for a still secret matter, we were given a design challenge by the lovely Sara Glassman, fashion reporter for the StarTribune. After winning her over on the merits of carnations, she asked us if there were any frontiers we had yet to tackle.  And yes, baby's breath has been looming on the horizon for over a decade.  So we bought some and went to work.  We're pretty smitten with the city vase/country flower contrast, but the similar fine, dotty textures.  The initial disappointment is that a mass like this isn't actually cheap.  But when you've tired of the clever carnation, step up to the next big thing in un-cool cool.  Barbette's getting the original (copies soon to follow).

Boy, do we like that Sara: quick, clever, and an excellent writer (and if you know us even a lick, you know how much we like good writers). Check out her blog, StylePoints. We're still laughing about her take on $11.99 Sonia Kashuk lip gloss at Target: (Am I the only who thinks if they just made it $12, it would feel a little more Chanel and a little less Maybelline? Not that there’s anything wrong with Maybelline!)

Speaking of Sigerson Morrison (and Target), we are still holding our breath until Anya Hindmarch and Sigerson Morrison launch their handbag and shoe collections, respectively, for Target. October 12 through December 26, 2008 is the window of opportunity.  In the meantime we'll still fawn over Hindmarch's delish metallic leathers at Vivre, currently in the midst of their summer sale.

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