Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

After a lovely morning at the market buying flowers for our peeps, we had a terribly unfortunate incident occur.  Our wholesaler recently rebuilt their entrance and chose to use some sort of deadly, corrugated, sharp, metal, industrial stairway.  On a handful of foreshadowing occasions we have gotten our heels stuck in the grating.  Today however, there was serious, irreparable damage done to Heidi's new shoes, and I had to literally pull her out (and not just any shoes, the extra fine tricolor patent leather mary jane peep toe "we finally got the website done reward shoes").  Anyone got a good shoe repair guy in their pocket (or a little sympathy for the Skoog)?

1 comment:

Kern N said...

OMFG! First they try to kill you with a collapsing staircase. But now the final straw...shoe damage! On the plus side, no one will notice the damage because they will only be looking at how foxy you are.